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Registration Instructions

1) Click here to register for the conference

2) Click here to reserve your hotel room

**A Few Important Reminders**


1. Please make sure you register for the conference on the Eventbrite website. That way we can have an official record of your registration. 

2. If you are needing an invoice for your district to pay for the conference, please email to request an invoice. Please allow a few days to get it to you. If you would like one invoice for your entire county/school district, we do that as well, please make sure everyone has registered through Eventbrite. 

3. The activities (paint and sip, candle making, etc) must be paid for before the event through Eventbrite. If you are interested in these, please sign up and pay for them through (you guessed it!) the Eventbrite site.  

4. Before registering, please check to make sure your membership is current for this year before selecting the general admission price. Remember, membership runs from July 1 to June 30th. If you are not a member, we would love for you to join! You can complete your membership form and pay online with this link:


Otherwise, you can join through Eventbrite or select the non-member admission rate. 

If you do join through Eventbrite, please use the link above to fill out the membership form. 


If you have questions about membership, please reach out to Erin Woodcock.  at

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